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CEA LED Plant Grow Light helps plants grow better and stronger. With Blue spectrum, Red Spectrum, Full Spectrum suitable for different stages of growing.
Model   Number GL1-20-XXY GL1-20-XXY GL1-60-XXY

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Input Wattage 20W 20W 60W
Input Voltage Range   (V) 120 V 120 V 120 V
Delivered Lumens   (lm) 1200 lm 600 lm 1900 lm
Current 0.2 0.158 0.5
Par(μmol/s) 25 22 63
Spectrum Blue
Red Red
Par efficacy(μmol/J) 1.3 1.2 1.1
Par efficacy(μmol/kWh) 4.7 4.2 4.1

Min. Ambient Temp   (°C) -40 -40 -40
Max. Ambient Temp   (°C) 50 50 50
Dimming Control

Dimming compatible N/A N/A N/A
0-10V Dimming N/A N/A N/A

Product Weight   (kgs.)

Product Height (mm) 45 45 45
Product Length (mm) 592 592 587
Product Width (mm) 125 125 272

Life time (Hours) >50000 >50000 >50000
Warranty (Years) 5 years 5 years 5 years
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LED Lighting Facts® Y Y Y
CEA plant growing lighting offers features unique LED optics-custom engineered
to deliver optimum lighting performance for spencific applications 
Strong vegetative growth good branching,enabling higher production of high qualty cuttings
Higher survival rate and stronger plants,uniform plants resulting in even development in further stages
Optimal light distribution resulting in uniform clones which reach further growth stages simultaneously
Plenty of customized lighting help to get more flowers and seeds,even better tasting for fruits.